Experience: Embedded CV

Vector Graphics on embedded GPU
Vector Graphics on embedded GPU

Project Overview:

Custom embedded software developed to support EGL (OpenGL/ES OpenVG) graphics generation on i.MX6 platforms with Vivante GPU

Product Description:

Our GStreamer plugin allows registration of an EGL surface (OpenVG/OpenGLES).  The plugin will handle drawing onto the frame buffer surface and interfacing with the IPU to integrate with camera capture pipeline.  Each captured camera frame generates an event to the plugin client to update the EGL scene.

Video capture with real-time analytics using this output to generate OpenVG overlay (highlight regions, textual representation of analytics) over captured frame.

Key Contributions:

Solving interfacing of the GPU (OpenVG) generated graphics with the IPU for hardware video composition.  GStreamer plugin development to allow hardware accelerated graphics and video composition can be integrated cleanly into existing customer solution.  BSP development to provide complete Linux solution.  Driver development for interfacing with NTSC/PAL video decoder with i.MX CSI.

Technology Background:

OpenVG offers hardware accelerated 2D vector graphics which can be leveraged for accelerated Flash, HTML5 Canvas, SVG and other vector based graphics.  The i.MX53/6 platform also offers a separate OpenGLES GPU to independently generate 3D graphics which are also supported for IPU interfacing by our GStreamer plugin.



Associated Projects:

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